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Composite Pipe Repair - Gallery 1 Air Logistics Corporation
Field-Applied Composite Systems™ Group
925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa, CA  91702
Phone 626-633-0294 • Fax 626-633-0791

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Leaking Bell & Spigot Joint on a 24 inch Steel Water Line. Repaired with Aquawrap®

Bell & Spigot Joint Repair Preparation      Bell & Spigot Pipe Joint Wrapped with Aquawrap     Bell & Spigot Joint Wrapped in Orange Film while curing

72" Diameter, 70' Tall, Stainless Steel Smokestack. Repaired with Aquawrap®

Corroded Stainless Steel Smoke Stack Repaired while Functioning     Priming Smokestack Pipe for Aquawrap Pipewrap     Aquawrap Rolled on Primed Surface

24" Steel Effluent/Waste Water Line - External Corrosion Damage Repaired with Aquawrap®

Externally Corroded Elbow Ready for Primer      Surface Pipe Corrosion to be Reinforced with Fiberglass Composite     Corroded Pipe and Elbow is now Covered with Resin and Fiberglass


8" Natural Gas Transmission Line - Repaired with Aquawrap®

Steel Natural Gas Pipe Corroding in Soggy Soil      Pipe Wrapped with Aquawrap after Surface Prep      Water is Applied to Aquawrap Composite Using a Garden Sprayer to Start the Hardening