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Structural Repairs - Gallery 5 Air Logistics Corporation
Field-Applied Composite Systems™ Group
925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa, CA  91702
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Concrete Pillar - Reinforced with Aquawrap®

Concrete highway bridge column degraded heavily by the elements.      Pillar shape restored using concrete filler.  Ready for Aquawrap®      Aquawrap® fiberglass composite repair to concrete support completed

Concrete Bridge Structure - Reinforced with Aquawrap®

This unsealed concrete support structure is in good shape.      Aquawrap composite repair appled to support column      Aquawrap pipewrap reinforces concrete column and beam.

Concrete Beam and Bull Nose - Repaired with Aquawrap®

Concrete pillar being prepared for composite repair application      Two technisions install Aquwrap on prepared pillar      Technicians completing Aquawrap repair to Bridge Beam

Concrete Pillar - Reinforced with Aquawrap®

Untreated Concrete Support Pillar      Concrete Support Pillar Wrapped with Aquawrap® Fiberglass Composite     

Wood Pole Repair - Aquawrap® Destructive Testing

Wood Telephone Pole Wrapped with Aquawrap® Fiberglass Fabric for Strength      Wood Power Pole with Cured Fiberglass Wrap, ready for destruction testing      Wood Telephone pole snapped at weakness, but Aquawrap® held!