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Structural Repairs - Gallery 4 Air Logistics Corporation
Field-Applied Composite Systems™ Group
925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa, CA  91702
Phone 626-633-0294 • Fax 626-633-0791

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Concrete Pillar - Reinforced with Aquawrap®

Untreated Concrete Worn by Surf and Weather      Concrete Support Pillar Wrapped with Aquawrap® Fiberglass Composite for Protection from the Elements      Aquawrap® Fiberglass Composite Repair to Concrete Support Completed

Wood Pole Repair - Aquawrap® Destructive Testing

Waterfront Structure with Worn Pilings      Worn Pile Unearthed from sand; Aquawrap® can be applied by wrapping      Concrete Piling wrapped with Aquawrap Composite ready for reburrial

Worn Concrete Stanchion - Repaired with Aquawrap® and Carbon Fiber

Stanchion Wrapped being wrapped with Aquawrap, with additional carbon fiber fabric to support the pillar top      Stanchion top being reinforced with Aquawrap Fiberglass Composite and Carbon Fiber Cloth      Concrete Stanchion Support Pillar Fully Repaired by Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Encasement

Highway Bride with Degrading Pillars - Underwater Instalation

Concrete Piling Has suffred Physical Damage; voids filled with putty      Divers install Aquawrap on Underwater Piling to Protect Concrete      Under water Column repaired with Aquawrap Fiberglass Composite

Highway Bridge with Dedgrading Underwater Support Beams      Aquawrap® fiberglass Composite Pipe Wrap being Applied by 2 Technicians Working in the Water      Bridge Support Column with Fully Cured Composite Repair