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Pipe Repairs - Gallery 3 Air Logistics Corporation
Field-Applied Composite Systems™ Group
925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa, CA  91702
Phone 626-633-0294 • Fax 626-633-0791

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Small Diameter Steel Pipe Elbow - Reinforced with Aquawrap®

Steel pipe elbow with surface corrosion.      Field technician wraps damaged pipe with Aquawrap®      Steel pipe elbow repaired with Aquawrap.  Orange strechfilm remains on top portion of repair while fibergalss composite hardens to full strength

Large Diameter Steel Elbow - Repaired with Powersleeve®

Severly corroded pipe elbow unearthed for repair      Technicians apply epoxy to large piece of powersleeve woven fiberglass cloth      Stricture banding being applied temporarily over Powersleeve to compress composite against any surface roughness

60" Reinforced Concrete Riser Repair with Grout Injection - Repaired in service with Aquawrap®

60 Inch Concrete Reinforced Riser Leaking Heavily      Technician Injects 2 Part Epoxy into Aquawrap® to Strengthen Composite Leak Repair      Riser Leak Repair Completed using Aquawrap® Fiberglass Composite and Epoxy Grout Injection