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Composite Pipe Repair - Gallery 2 Air Logistics Corporation
Field-Applied Composite Systems™ Group
925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa, CA  91702
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20" Natural Gas Transmission Line - Repaired with Aquawrap®

Extensive Corrosion Pitting Near Pipe Weld Aquawrap Layered around Damaged Weld     Pipe Weld along with an extended section of pipe reinforced with more layers of glass composite    

24" Cooling Tower Line - Repaired with Powersleeve®

Severe External Corrosion to Large Steel Pipe Needs Repaired      24 Inch Riser and Elbow Compromised by Rust     Damaged Pipe Restored to full strength with Powersleeve Composite

24" Natural Gas Transmission Line - External Corrosion Damage Reinforced with Aquwrap®

Severe Pitting can be Fixed using our Composite Repair Solution      Aquawrap pipe wrap easlily repairs this rusted segmant of Natural Gas Line      Pipe has been repaired and can be reburried


30" Waste Water Line, Tee , Elbow, and Bulkhead Reinforced with Powersleeve®

Large Tube Elbow wrapped with Powersleeve to Reinforce Corrosion Damaged Pipe      Composite Pipe Wrap is Conformable and Easy to Install on Pipe Tee's      Powersleeve Can Repair Large Bulkheads of Varius Materials and Sizes