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Pipeline Repair
Typical Application
Field Repair of Corroded or Damaged Pipe Using Aquawrap

A high compressive strength compound is used to fill the defect area. This material transfers the load from the steel wall to the composite reinforcement.
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The external defect is identified and measured to determine required repair method.

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The anomaly is filled with a load transferring compound.

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BP-1 Primer is applied over the installation area. Aquawrap is then applied over the anomaly and the filler material. Stricture Banding™ is used to compress and consolidate the installation.

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When the composite has cured, the Stricture Banding™ is removed. The repair is then coated with a common pipeline coating tape and is prepared to be buried.

Air Logistics encourages the use of qualified and trained personnel to perform any installation. Air Logistics offers training sessions for individuals or companies, either at our facility or yours. Please contact us for more information.


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