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Wooden Utility Pole Repair

Woodpeckers, hunters, run-away cars... many different things cause damage to utility poles. When the damage is structurally dangerous, the pole either has to be replaced at a huge expense, or a practical field repair must be devised. Aquawrap® has become a very viable solution to this problem.

Although many laboratories and customers have test Aquawrap® in almost every conceivable way, the pole manufacturer had to have hard data on the performance when applied to old, weathered, treated wood poles. The tests showed that a severely damaged pole can be rebuilt in the field, using Aquawrap® and when subjected to enough bending load, the pole would always break somewhere out in the "good wood" areas, away from the repair.

Air Logistics has worked with the customer and now produces exclusive, custom-designed material that provide field workers with just the right amount of material to repair the pole as needed. This material is tinted to match the color of the wooden pole, thus saving labor on expensive paints and coatings.




Aquawrap® is the simplest, most cost-effective repair you can find.



Initial layer of Aquawrap®
Initial Layer of Aquawrap® G-05

Aquawrap® Wraps Easily Around Telephone Pole
Aquawrap® is Simple to Install

Final Layer of Composite Applied before Destructive Testing
Final Coat of Aquawrap® G-03 

Telephone Pole broken to Test Strength
Pole Bent to Test Strength